Tools to Help With Homesickness

The first time away from home can be scary but our friendly camp counselors are here to help! Almost everyone misses something about home when they are away. Homesickness is normal, it means there are a lot of things about home you love!

If you experience homesickness, try using the below tips to overcome your fear, or click here for a printable copy.

1. Bring something special from home with you, like a teddy bear or a photo, for when you start to feel homesick.

2. Practice how to write letters. Make sure you bring a pen, paper, envelope and postage stamp when you are going on long stays away from home so you can write to your family and tell them about the great things you are doing!

3. Talk to an adult you trust about your feelings. Homesickness is normal and sometimes talking about it with someone will help you to overcome the sadness you are feeling.

4. Before you go for a long trip, practice staying a couple nights away from home at a friend’s or grandparent’s house. Try to avoid making phone calls home during these stays as there will not be a phone available for use at camp.

5. Camp is the perfect place to meet new friends and have fun! When you’re having fun you will be less likely to spend time thinking about the people and things you miss.

6. Prior to leaving for camp, mark your calendar with the days you will be away so you can visualize and anticipate your stay.

7. Stay active! The more fun stuff you do, the less time you will have to feel homesick. Make sure you participate in all the fun activities provided at camp!